Where the Fukawi?

Ugh. It’s not a complicated joke, guys. Read:

53-54. BUS Adam is driving.

ADAM: Hey, I got a joke. Who wants to hear a
joke? Come on Bernie. It’s so funny, you’ll laugh
so hard your lashes will curl up by themselves.

BERNADETTE: Do tell us your HILARIOUS joke.

ADAM: Well, many moons ago there was this very
famous bunch of indians called the Fuckawei Tribe.
And one day the son of the great indian Chief says
to his father, “Dad, why is my friend Little Hawk
called Little Hawk?” And his father says.

TICK & BERNADETTE: Why do you ask, Two dogs

ADAM: That’s not the end of the joke. So anyway,
Back to me. SHIT!

TICK: What’s happening?

ADAM: I don’t know.

The bus grinds to a halt and then silence.


55. NEXT MORNING They all stand at the stairs of
the bus.

BERNADETTE: Oh Felicia… Where the Fuckawei?

I dunno. It’s obvious to me that Bernadette says Fukawi, but everyone else (including IMDB — I’ve sent a correction), seems to think it’s “where the fuck are we?” Except, that’s not funny, now is it. So everyone else is obviously wrong. I only found two results for this quote (with various spellings of Fukawi) on Google, and one of them was the script I quoted above. Ahem. Idjits.

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