Oh my!

I have already failed miserably at posting every day in November. Good thing I’m not trying to write a novel. I have written 87x more in my personal (paper) journal, though. Because you see, whenever I’m supposed to be doing something, even if it’s regularly my favourite thing to do, even if I’m the authority figure, and the only one telling me I ought to be doing that something is me… my automatic response is to avoid it at all costs. The only time I’ve really posted here on a completely regular basis was when I was in school at Ryerson and had homework to avoid. Don’t worry, though. I finally got me a job interview… so maybe in the near future I will be posting from work when I’m supposed to be making spreadsheets, or something. You know, unless they Google my name and realize that I’m a slacker. Eh, blah. That’s a lie. I’m totally a self-starter. Totally. It’s just that I get all of my work done so much ahead of time that I run out of things to do! Yep. Well, maybe not, but somehow I still got great grades in school, so at least it’s obvious that I’m a highly effective and motivated slacker slash procrastinator, who thrives in fast paced environments, enjoys a challenge, and is cool-headed even in the face of strict deadlines and potentially stressful situations… Even if the fast pacededness etc. etc. etc. (etc.) is usually entirely my own fault.

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