Cyanotic Tour

The hubby is going on tour! You know you want to come out to see Cyanotic play. Because they’re like, totally awesome and stuff. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased, either…

Here is some nonsense I have cut and pasted for your edification.

Hail the Glitch 2006

Fronted by Sean Payne (who name you might recognize from the last Pigface album), their 2005 debut release Transhuman won much critical acclaim for it’s innovative mix of modern electronics with old-school aggro-industrial, and was near the top of many ‘Best of 2005’ year-end lists, including our own.

The album was produced by Jason Novak of DJ? Acucrack and Acumen Nation, who had this to say when asked about it in an interview:

That to me is a piece of history that’s been made in the present. […] We wouldn’t just take on any industrial band and produce their record, but when we heard them we thought, wow, this is good. […] I’m proud of it and I think they should be too. I think in the world of the Metropolis bands and EBM, that’s a real cool record that harkens back to the past, but still has a lot of new ideas.

Here are three delightful full-length tracks for you to listen to:

Order Out of Chaos
Sensory Deprivation

The boys are basically playing for the door take on the vast majority of these shows, so they will surely have much appreciation for anyone who comes out to support them. They need your help to fill their bellies and their gas tank!

This is the list of places where you can see Cyanotic play:

  • Jul 21 – Grounds Sphere Rhythm – Allegan, MI
  • Jul 22 – High Five – Columbus, OH
  • Jul 23 – Garfield Artworks – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jul 24 – The Penny Arcade – Rochester, NY
  • Jul 26 – TBA – Boston, MA
  • Jul 27 – Bottom’s Up – Flushing/Queens – New York, NY
  • Jul 28 – The Sterling [Rock Room] – Allentown, PA
  • Jul 29 – TBA – Baltimore, MD
  • Jul 30 – Wetlands – Chapel Hill, NC
  • Jul 31 – TBA – Charlotte, NC
  • Aug 02 – Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
  • Aug 03 – TBA – Tampa, FL
  • Aug 04 – Saints & Sinners – Spring Hill, FL
  • Aug 05 – TBA – Atlanta, GA
  • Aug 06 – TBA – Nashville, TN
  • Aug 08 – Creepy Crawl – St. Louis, MO
  • Aug 09 – Double Door – Chicago, IL
  • Aug 10 – TBA – South Bend, IN
  • Check the band’s website for updates on those TBA dates and other such useful information. And because MySpace is super-cool with the kids these days, you can find them at that craphole as well.

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