I’ve been a nerd for a very long time

Seeing so many (er, well… okay — just two) interweb anniversaries this week makes me wish I knew when the hell I first started doing all of this nonsense. I didn’t sign up for Blogger until February 2000, but I was posting weblog entries by hand sometime in the fall of 1999. I wish those were still archived on the web somewhere. Okay, not really. I was 17. Nobody needs to read anything I wrote when I was 17, myself included. But I wish I had them on a disk that I could ignore for the rest of my life. Just to have them. Archive.org has some stuff that I don’t, but just a couple of pages from Coca-Coma (why the hell did I name my weblog that, anyway). I’ll get around to collecting it… one day. Anyway, I suppose that I’ve been doing this for sixish years by nowish. Happyish anniversaryish to me. Apathy set in oh… four years ago or so, and I’ve been flogging a dead horse since then. Let’s see how long I can keep it up. Maybe I should just finally kill this site, and do something else altogether. Or maybe I’ll get up the motivation to occasionally post something useful around here, and maybe that will encourage more than two people to visit. Or maybe I’ll just kill myself and put myself out of my misery. I hates the internet. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Grumble grumble grumble.

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