Hey, great!

It finally came to me. The terrible, dreadful, awful, evil, nagging feeling I’ve been experiencing for at least the last year is impatience of a particularly anxiously irritating variety. If only this knowledge helped me in any way, whatsoever. And as far as I know, it will last indefinitely, because I haven’t a clue what I’m so busy being impatient about. Damned distracting. Stupid all-consuming impatience, eliminating my attention span completely! I find this state of being to be quite unacceptable. I guess that it will end whenever I figure out what I’m waiting around for. And then I will say “finally”, and go on to find some other excuse for my rotting brain. But yeah. Jesus fuck shit piss. Liquor.

That’s my big complaint. The little one is this: do you know how many damned papercuts you wind up with if you work at Kinko’s? Carl Sagan would be able to tell you… (Billions and billions).

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