Maybe instead of instant gratification…

…NASA actually wants to wait for the dust to clear, and to have some time to analyze data before releasing results. You fucking loon!

I am so satisfied. Look’s like Hoagland’s blog is starting out, at least, to be all that I hoped for. Regularly updated psychoceramics. A laugh and a half, on a more regular basis. Hopefully someone else will catch onto this stuff and become active in debunking it. I don’t have nearly enough knowledge of astronomy to do so, but geez, even I know obvious complete and utter crap when I see it. Then again, I’m really not sure why anyone bothers with this guy at all anymore. He’s such a freakin’ loon… I can’t even convince myself 100% that he’s not joking…

(P.S. Hoagland brings that “dirty snowball” crap up yet again. Read this for additional bullshit, and read this for a little bit of sanity.)

(And P.S. — XMM-Newton detects water on Tempel 1)

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