Unleash it in moderation

What does that mean, exactly? Not that I care — Kahlua fucking sucks. Did you know that you’re not even allowed to look at pictures of liquor on their website unless you’re 21? Apparently, pictures of cocktails are a bigger problem in our society than pornography.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway. I’m all moved into my new apartment. I’m all finshed with school for a while. Bought a car the other day. Survived a visit from my mother. Just finished building a keen new desk, and plugging in a keen new blender. Now I’m all free to start posting here again, except… I’m far too tired. Happy belated Canada Day and happy early Fourth of July. Don’t lose an eye or any of your fingers when you’re drunkenly setting off your fireworks. And don’t forget to buy all of your liquor early if you’re in one of those kooky no-Sunday-boozing states. You’ve got just a few hours left, and a couple less than that if you go to Wal-Mart, where the bastard computers consider it Sunday for liquor purchasing purposes at midnight even though the law doesn’t, forcing you to drive like you’re already belligerently drunk to the next-nearest place because it stops selling in three minutes. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also. I am damned glad that Harper didn’t win. Even if that means that Martin did. That is all.

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