Added about 25 links to the sidebar… Might want to look in the graveyard if you want to see all the junk that held my interest for more than 10 seconds today. Most of it is “The History of…” nonsense.

Perhaps soon I’ll start up another proper weblog. You know… with links and stuff. Pity that I accidentally deleted Coca-Coma from Blogger. Er, well… It still exists. But there is no one with permission to access the posts, since I accidentally deleted mine. See, I was listed twice on the “team”, and thought mistakenly that I could delete just one of me… Um, no. Haven’t been able to get anyone at Blogger to help me out. Ho hum. Wouldn’t bother me so much if I had archives of it anywhere other that the defunct site. The main page of it still exists at, though.

Searching for other places on the ‘Net that I could possibly have uploaded it, I found all sorts of links to the old site that I had never known about, and ones that I had forgotten about. Pretty interesting. Really. I’m serious… Or not. Check it out anyway. Or not.

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