I can’t get to Google.com at all anymore.
Even by leaving off the www.
All I can look at is Google.ca.
I hates it.
The page is so fugly.
Stoopid Google.
If I had wanted to go to Google.ca, do you not think I would hve typed that address into my browser?
Hm? Hm?

In other highly uninteresting and irrelevant search engine news, I can’t believe that this nonsense is still getting, on some days, over 20 hits a day. Searching for my name, I found it as the first result. The second was a page linking to it. I’d take it down, but apparently there is a great demand for pointless crap that I wrote in 1997 that’s filled with spelling errors and was designed without my having a clue about what the thing looked like, because my only browser at the time I originally made it was Lynx.

Other ridiculousness from the same era: Bebert’s Refridgerator Box

Bracewell’s argument for the removal of the letters c, q, and x from the english language is sadly, however, no more.

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