don’t have windows media player anymore

or movie maker

or blah blah blah blah blah

got rid of all yer windows bs

98lite is my new best friend. even if i did use an illegal copy.

we all know that i’m 100% broke.
at least 99% broke.

and i’m drunk again.

go figure.

sean says he has money.
bah. some sugah daddy.
ain’t got no job.
hah hah hah.

beck hurts me.

i can’t feel my limbs.

it’s fucking 9 am and i haven’t gone to bed yet.
i hate my life.
i hate everything.
except for jesus.
or something.

wow, my teeth are fuzzy-like.

goddamn video post production better have dubbed my tape by now.
what’s the holdup biatch?
it’s the last last last minute as usual.
i hate myself.
but jesus loves me and such, so it’ll all work out.

whoever was responsible for my past life
worked up some mighty good positive karma
that i probably don’t deserve

but nevermind
i don’t believe in any of that nonsense anyway
i just laugh at you all
i will do nothing
and it will all work out fine

i have confidence in this

my speakers fucking suck

what are you talking about sean


the drink in front of me is a very disturbing shade of bright pink

my computer is nice and clean

it makes me happier than i have ever been

or something

sean says i should be talking about him here

yes he’s right. or something.

i guess i love him. i guess.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

yeah, my speakers fucking suck.
this hurts me.
this hurts me so.
the static is unbearable.

p.s. i’m going to fucking kill you, sean.

the end.

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