i almost made the decision five minutes ago to switch to netscape, now that it seems to have some idea of what to do with the code it’s given.
except that i’d forgotten how long it takes to load pages. why is that?
but internet explorer hurts me. i installed 6.0 (why would i do that? anything.0 is usually a stupid stupid stupid idea), and now the blogger right-click menu (among other things) won’t work. grr.

i got back a little less than half an hour ago from my psychology test… there are twenty minutes left. remind me not to bother studying next time, because i am so tired. what a waste. at the most, i should have read the glossary. but nooo, i spent last night reading three whole chapters.

sean and i are disgusting pigslobs. a quick count of the empty nestea bottles visible from where i’m sitting got me up to fifteen. and i rather suspect that i must be missing more than a few. i don’t want to talk about the condition of the floor. or how much complete garbage we’ve been eating lately. also pathetic: we must have spent a good 15 minutes in dominion at 4am last night deciding which fruit snacks to buy. how can we spend an hour buying candy and tostitos? even factoring in standing around reading entire magazines. if only i could devote this much energy to worrying about something important. like, uh… who am i fooling. nothing’s important. …apathetic bloody planet.

motivation, initiative, ambition… levels nearing 0%
almost noon. looks like bedtime to me. goodnight.

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