i’m posting this now only as an exercise in futility.

it more than likely isn’t going to work.

my website has issues.

shell commands haven’t been working properly all day.

telnet is still down.

ftp cannot possibly work.

i am in a bad mood.

this is 100% irrelevant to 99.99999999% percent of people.
it will not affect you.

however, it means that i’m sitting at home posting this now instead of sitting in someone else’s basement.

i kinda wish i’d decided to go sit in someone else’s basement.

but ah well. i didn’t particularly feel like moving at the time.

i’m going to sit here and eat some more sugar.

if chocolate doesn’t make me happy, well.

i’ll just have to eat more of it, goddamn it.

i’m almost bored enough to do homework.

it’s not bad homework.

it’s webdesign homework.

but i do not feel at all creative.

ack, well. perhaps this would be beneficial.

i had written in my project statement that my redesign was to be 100% devoid of all creativity.

well, i didn’t put it like that.

i used some fancy words that meant the same thing.

i think i’ll make sure to have a black and white colour scheme, with no graphics, and courier font.

hell, i think i’ll design it in ascii.

and there will certainly not be any javascript or fancy rollover effects.

i’m feeling fairly underwhelmed by some of my classes.

tools and applications makes me want to design purely in html 1.0

or perhaps txt files.

i’ve never responded well to being taught.

give me information, but do not give me opinions.
i can find subjectivity elsewhere.

facts, not bullshit, puhleazzzze.

i don’t like this school thing.

give me a book.

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