Okay, I’ve figured out the WebDAV BS. And duplicated the damn requests to some extent from my own computer… Some dirty Web Folders thing, it seems. Well, not Web Folders, but… same deal. Maybe I’m a shortcut. So I suppose I’ll ignore these from now on. Anyway, I’ve found that knowing that they are running this, and knowing their network name is some sort of vulnerability that I’d probably be able to exploit if I was into that sort of thing. They should be more careful. These aren’t smart users. I wish I’d known ahead of time about the computer I just found that’s sharing My Documents with some nice Philosophy 101 papers in it… Haha. Um. No. I’m not like that. I still haven’t even tried printing anything on any of these shared printers I have access to… But yeah, that’s only because I wouldn’t be around to witness the results.

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