I was wondering whatever happened to the blogs I used to link to, before I fell off of the face of the Earth, and took Coca-Coma with me…

So I went on a mission to find out.

Apathy has moved from Pitas to Electrobacon, and from tables to CSS. Not much to look at presently. On vacation or some such deal…

Ben-O is still there, no posts since October 22nd.

blueblog disappeared one Monday in February. Now there is this instead.

Bluishorange is being updated, and is even prettier than it used to be, and I remember it being fairly pretty, mind you.

http://prolix.pitas.com/ (I was never sure of the title of this site!) is still around, and still all full of extreme cleverness.

Digital Swirlee is being rebuilt”. There is now Digital Catharsis. Who are all of these people. I am lost!

Eleven Seconds has quite possibly fallen off of the face of the Earth.

fcuker has been “gone for a while.”

hornbuckle.org is no longer “I Wanna Visit Japan”, but it’s still green, and still has many many words, that I must admit, I will put off reading until later, because I’m moving on to:

mark, my words. I don’t remember this site. But I think it’s odd that I’ve already seen several posts, like this one, on these sites commenting on their histories. There’s a page here still in development called redesign fun. Maybe later that will clue me in to what I’m looking at.

Mood Swings is another page I can’t remember, but I can see why I visited frequently. Lots of nifty links to be found, it seems.

I remember Nerd in Suit… See, this is why you should leave your design alone. Nice word in favor of blogger here.

Ooine seems to be gone,

but ratbastard.org is going strong.

Unlike Squirrely, which is sad, I was rather fond that one.

Webloglog died in August, shortly after my site went under. But there still exists a reference to me in the archives.

I’m sure most people are aware that Weblog Wannabe hasn’t disappeared, but http://freespeech.org/matahari/weblog.html no longer exists.

And finally Wetlog, no longer Wetlog, is causing me a considerable amount of confusion. Some sort of continuing story going on, and other things that I fail to catch onto easily in my current state of brainlesssnesssss…

So now… I seek new links.
I’m way out of the loop.
There were far fewer blogs to wade through back in those days!
Now I’m just totally confuzzled and bewildered by it all.

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