i forget what i was going to say. this window took too long to open up. i hate my computer.

oh wait.

it was going to be me complaining about my tools and applications professor sending too many attachments to our e-mail.

cut and paste isn’t that hard.

and attachments are just bad etiquette these days.
(plus, they’re always irrelevant to me. i think, hurray! new mail! and then, bah!)

i should probably stop using outlook, though.
wouldn’t you think?

but eudora doesn’t let me check more than one account without making a whole bunch of profiles, as far as i can tell.

so bah.

i’ll just remain secure in the fact that very few people have me in their address book.

printing out lecture notes, lalala.
that somebody else wrote in class on their laptop.
i made the whole front and back of the page printing thing work for once, i’m proud.
not like it’s hard, but.
perhaps this is where my suspected dyslexia comes into play again.

i’m glad these exist, because, due also to suspected dyslexia… my notes seem to be written in a language that doesn’t exist on this planet.
(see: wrench, and example of my handwriting that i would assume is still hanging around this website).

now it’s time to hit the books before the books hits me.
or i hit myself with the books.
that’s actually looking like a very real possibility at this point.
more fun than studying, and i won’t be conscious to worry about not studying…

“printing complete”

thank you mysterious printer-obsessed lady who lives in my computer.
i don’t know why she has to tell me.
it was obvious that printing was complete by the fact that say…
the printer stopped printing?

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