Let’s think now…

What should I be doing with my time right now…

Studying art history or…


Seems I have nothing else to do…

That won’t stop me from doing nothing…

You know, it isn’t fair.
Just because I live close to school,
I have to write the exam 4 hours earlier than half of the people in the class.

Do you know how much extra learning I’d be able to pack into four hours?

I mean, I’d probably know twice as much.

When you condense all of your learning for the term down into one day,
four hours is important!

We tried to go to class today.
But we skipped out at the first break.

Hey, but I managed to write down the word Renaissance.
That was all I got out of the lesson, but…

That is an infinitely greater amount of notes than I took any other week since the first month of school.

I’m gonna sing the doom song now.
Doo-doom dee doom doom DOOM!

We’re all doomed, DOOMED, DOOMED.

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