seen this point made on several other pitman blogs and…

i have this to add:

if i was the sort of person who would be studying for exams already (and yeah, i know there are only a few days left)
i would also be the sort of person who would do it earlier than 8pm
the 12 hour quiet hours wouldn’t make any sort of difference to me
unless i wanted to go to bed at 8pm. hmmm…
but geez. get some earplugs or something if you need ABSOLUTE SILENCE.
how do you survive if you need ABSOLUTE SILENCE to be able to think?

i CAN’T think with absolute science.

can i make the following complaint:

need more NOISE to study

please turn up the stereos? please?

bah. my floor is usually quiet, anyway.
i never hear a peep.

i’m also at the very end of the hall, that might contribute some.

i’m also never awake at those hours that “normal” people are awake.
so i guess that might contribute some.

hey, i met some people from my floor i’d never seen before tonight (er, this morning) at 5am, doing laundry.
usually i have free reign of the floor at these hours, if it’s not friday or saturday night.
which isn’t actually as great as it sounds.
need two people for it to become fun.
no more, no less.

and by this time… (7:30am, you fools), i never see a soul. except those poor, unfortunate people with hideously early classes.

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