I’ve complained about this before, I know.
But for lack of anything new to complain about…
Here’s this again.
One of my pet peeves.
Hasn’t been mentioned in a long while.

Just got some spam in my inbox
(that’s not even what I’m complaining about,
I’ve come to accept the spam by now)
about a birdfeeder that prevents squirrels from eating the seed.

What is wrong with squirrels?
Squirrels need to eat, too, you know.
It’s discrimination, really.
Come on… squirrels are cute and fuzzy.
And hell,

more interesting to look at than birds.

Squirrels have character.
Birds are just all
hop hop hop peck hop peck.

Which is another way in which squirrels are superior to birds.

Squirrels don’t wake me up in the morning.

OW! MY BRAIN! The phone is so goddamned loud.

My mom just called from the car.
They’re here to pick me up.
Oh, joy.

See yer later.

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