It’s 9 am.

Candice is awake.

Not ony that, but she’s been awake for over two hours.

Is the apocalypse upon us?
Most certainly.

Well, I only got about 20 hours of sleep yesterday.
And the result is that I appear to be on some sort of “normal” schedule now.

So what does one do during the day?
I don’t even know anymore.

Presently, I’m doing my laundry.
After that, clean the room.
And then perhaps… go to class on a Friday for once.
No, that might be stretching it.

I wish I had more than $10.12 in my bank account.
Because I feel like buying things.

That $10.12 is reserved for developing film for design and composition on Wednesday. And for not starving, should I fail to get up before 11pm (and it happens often) in the near future.

Do you know, I haven’t been awake between the hours of 3pm and 11pm for at least a week and a half?
Is this a problem?
Is this a symptom of a much deeper seated problem?
Most certainly.

I should just start telling people that I’m a vampire.
Because while people who think they’re vampires are losers,
right now I’m a loser with no excuse.

being the queen of excuses, I’m sure I could come up with one.
A good one.
It’s just that I don’t much feel like thinking lately.
I sleep too much.
I sleep far too much.

I’m just too… something or other… to find anything better to do.
Most certainly.

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