After an Online Ruckus, Microsoft Opens MSN Site to All

(NY Times article, so you have to do that annoying signing-in BS… blah!)

“Microsoft is trying to make the Web into its own private property.”

Yes. Yes they are.
See, that’s what a website IS.
It’s your own private property.

If I didn’t want to allow Netscape users into my website,
too fucking bad.
I don’t have to.
So there.
You do not have a right to look at my website.

You can launch public outcry all you like.
(Most of) the Internet is not public property.

This is the same argument I have about smoking in restaurants.
There is nothing written that says you have the right to fine dining.
Resaraunts are private establishments, owned by somebody.
If you ask me, they should have the right to tell people what they can and cannot do inside their doors…
If you don’t like smoke,
boo hoo.
Boo fucking hoo.
Go somewhere else.
Or don’t go anywhere at all.
As I said.
Nobody owes you smoke-free meals.
It might be a profitable service to provide it for you but
If somebody doesn’t want to do that
Oh go cry me a river!

And I don’t smoke.
I hate the smell of smoke.
I wouldn’t go to a restaurant that smelled like smoke all the time.
If I had a restaurant, there would be no smoking allowed.
But that’d be because I own the place, and I don’t like it.
See, these are the kind of rules you can make up when you own something.
Just because you own it.
Just because you feel like it.

Back to MSN.
Anticompetitive gesture?
“Microsoft has built a site that works best with their browser.”
Sounds like a logical thing to want to do to me.
Gonna cry about it?
Gonna cry?
Download Internet Explorer and like it,

The right to free speech.
The right to bear arms
The right to access the Microsoft Network?

I have not heard of this part of the U.S. Constitution.
But then again,
that country is messed up.
And apparently full of whiners.

Let’s kick them in the head.
All of them.
A good booting for all.


The whole concept of this story, well…

You’re complaining cause you can’t get into MSN?
Why the hell do you want to do that in the first place?

I’d be like…

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