Free Meat:
“The easiest way is just read the paper. Every day there are people looking to give away dogs and cats and all kinds of animals. That’s God’s way of saying ‘Free meat to Godly home’.”


It reminds me about one of the busdrivers from my old public school. I was never on her route, luckily. But according to my friends who were, especially one who was at the very end of the route, she used to pull the bus over if she saw roadkill, and drag it onto the bus to take home for dinner. My friend learned much about eating roadkill on these trips: you can’t eat owls because they’re “too gristly”, and you can’t eat anything more than a few days old, because it’ll be “too wormy.”

Once on a dare, my friend asked to borrow the bus driver’s cookbook, and succeeded. She brought it to school for us all to see. The bus driver thought she might actually be interested in cooking up some of these dishes. I feel sorry for that bus driver’s kids and…

Have I mentioned how glad I am to be out of Puslinch?

But back to the website, which is about a much worse source of food than the side of the road. Don’t eat kitties!

Am I supposed to believe this is serious?

Because who is able to put together an entire website like this, and yet hasn’t enough intelligence to see anything wrong with saying “I don’t got a scanner,” or “they don’t got that inner fur what some northern animals got,” or “I aint spent more than $15 in the last year on meat.”

Besides, it’s got the usual FAQ page that every other joke site’s got.

So there you go JESSE (hah, cause you were so concerned about the last one). I pronounce this site BS. Pisstake indeed.

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