Okay, bastard attention starved windows… Why can’t you understand that just because you’re done doing something, it doesn’t mean that I want to look at it immediately. Especially you, AIM. You have quite the inflated sense of self importance. Great, somebody new is trying to talk to me. Isn’t enough that you make the task-bar flash and scare the shit out of me with your wave files? It isn’t really necessary to pop the window up, causing me to type the end of whatever sentence I’m in the middle of in the “send” box, and to send it to some random loser who can’t spell “you’re” and who desperately wants to know my “asl” and “wassup sexy?”

My computer ought to get a better sense of my priorities. Meaning that… whatever I’m doing, I intend to keep doing it until I’m done doing it. Not until Internet Explorer feels that it’s being neglected. Fucking impatient applications. One of these days, I will be able to successfully open my Start Menu to get to the 18th level where the program I want to run is hidden, without something performing an illegal operation and forcing me to start all over again. One day…

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