Okay. I think I’m making progress… taking steps in the right direction… for once I’m not still awake at three AM. However, somehow I’ve managed to set this as the new time to wake up. Well, I guess waking up at any time during what could be considered the morning is a good thing… *yawn* At least better than not getting to wake up at all because I haven’t been asleep…

As to why this has happened… I spent all of last night writing an essay I had put off until later than the last minute. And so when I got home I went straight to bed. I am mentioning this because I would like to take back every unkind word I ever said about that marvelous font, comic sans. Okay, so it’s ugly as hell, even despite it’s total lack of serifs. But it’s big! Added some much needed “length” to my essay, which was over 500 words short. I don’t think anybody will notice… I hope. Okay, wait, nevermind. I don’t care. It’s over. I’m hungry.

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