Activity on All Levels, originally uploaded by Hazelbrae.

Randomly came across some pictures of Yonge & Dundas, Toronto today. Homesick! I only lived there (right fucking there — I was going to school at Ryerson) for a year, but I lived within an hour of the city my entire life, before moving to the states. I lived in the middle of nowhere from grade 2 onward, but my earliest years were spent in suburbs of the city, and sub-suburbs of the city. So I never did feel at home in the country. Toronto was always the place to be, and it’s the one place where I always felt like I belonged. I definitely didn’t feel at home after I met Sean and moved to Indiana, and while things are better in Chicago (at least it’s urban), it still doesn’t feel like a place where I belong. Not even after several years. I just don’t grok this city. It doesn’t make sense to me. The people just aren’t my kind of people. I couldn’t even say why, but for whatever reason, I just can’t meld. It’s disorganized. It’s ugly. It’s… freakin’ boring! For being the transportation hub of America, you’d think there’d be more damned culture convening here. But the art and music scenes seem pretty weak. All that being the center of the friggin’ nation seems to be doing for this city is attracting countless boring-ass business conferences. It saddens me. I can see myself in San Francisco. Maybe New York. Definitely back in Toronto. But this city is a wasteland. Somebody prove me wrong. Where is the life? All I see are Trixies and Chads in the loop, posers on Clark & Belmont, hipster douchebags in Wicker Park, tourists at every major intersection, junkies and gangbangers in my neighbourhood, and nobody worth mentioning anywhere else. Is there anyone around here who isn’t into fixed-gear bikes, vegan or raw food diets, yoga (or yoga pants), PBR, The North Face, New Balance, sushi, iPods, indie music, Whole Foods, alternative medicine, ridiculously large sunglasses, pompadour ponytails, or the Cubs around here? Please, give me hope. And why don’t any of you fucking Trixies have blogs that I can laugh at? Twats in every other city have figured out the internet. Chicago’s Blogerati (are there any I should bother caring about?) are light years behind.

End rantble.