Remeber me, Internet?

Yeah, so I’ve had a working internet connection for a while now. I’ve just been neglecting my site on account of eleventy-billion things have happened recently. I gots me a new job, doing web design junk for some company or other. We gots us a new roommate around here, and he even pays rent (on time and in full, like WTF)! We gots us rid of and old roommate, which is alright by me, because I was getting kind of sick of being treated like a maid / provider of complimentary toiletries. Perhaps he thought that this was a hotel. But, perhaps not. Hotels generally expect you to pay. Meh! Hm, also Sean got back from tour, so we had to reacquaint, by which I mean that we had to drink beer and get caught up on all the episodes of South Park / It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia / The Simpsons and whatever other dumb shit we watch (47 braincell-destroying reality shows, mostly) (you know, this irritates me every time I want to italicize a title — I know that the italics tag is supposed to be deprecated, but that’s retarded, because sometimes I really do want to explicitly indicate that something should be in italics, not just that I want to emphasize it, and I shouldn’t have to make a CSS class called “title” just for that, because FUCK).

I’m pretty well back in equilibrium now, though. So maybe I’ll get back to the posting. And maybe I won’t. That’s just the way things work around here. Some of those months that are missing from the archives were due to catastrophic data loss, but plenty of them are missing because blogging is for losers. Or also because I didn’t have internet and was sleeping on other peoples’ floors, etc. etc. You could always just read my Twitter updates, anyway. They say the same thing, but they’re much more concise. And the thing is, if I complain about something on Twitter first, it seems pointless to me to bring it up again here, thus saving the internet from lengthy rants about nothing of consequence.

I’m sleepy. Bye now.