OMG Panties

I was wearing a floufy skirt yesterday, and it was a wee bit windy. I thought to myself, “man, it would be pretty lame if the wind blew my skirt up”. And then, I remembered that I have absolutely no problem being seen in a bikini. Same damn thing. Same shape, same colour… slightly different fabric (sometimes). The context might have made it a bit embarrassing. Mortifying, though. No. You see, I was wearing underwear! Oh my stars! And underwear is MEANT to be seen. That’s my theory, anyway. So calm the fuck down. It’s meant to keep your naughty bits in place, but it’s also meant to keep them under wrap. If you’re seeing underwear, you’re NOT seeing naughty bits. I recently found a website devoted to the art and practice of catching brief glimpses of women’s bras. It had multiple posts expounding upon strategy and technique (I can’t find the site again, but here’s the general idea: be a creepy fuck and make shifty glances out of the corner of your eye when ladies are bending over, as if they won’t notice). WTF? It’s not hard to see bra. Bra is everywhere. They design bra straps with the fact that they’re going to be visible in mind these days (on account of people are tacky — all walking around with their visible bra straps and dumbass flip flops). What you really want to see is nipple. And you DON’T see nipple, because of the abundance of bra. Just like you don’t see vag because of the abundance of panty.

What the hell, if I’m going to make a post like this and be inundated by asshole traffic, I might as well throw the words Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears in here. Hoy. Have those three learned the purpose of underwear yet? (All signs from a random scroll-through of The Superficial point to no). Also, here… this is what you were actually looking for, Google perv: P-Line World.