When does the day end?

To some, it may seem as though I’ve already failed in my mission to post once per day for the entire month of October. But when you only wake up at 8pm, when does the day really end? I will probably go to bed sometime around 1pm or 2pm tomorrow. I won’t be held down by the man on this one. As far as I’m concerned, the date does its incrementing at sunrise. That’s the point when I generally begin to feel awkward about still being awake. Give me a break, anyway. Why should the date change at midnight? Mid. Night. Middle. of the Night. Let the night end before you do the switcheroo, at least. It’s all just because this world is sun-centric. Why should that be so? Damned daystar gives me a rash. With the ozone being in the state it’s in, shouldn’t we start organizing our lives based around the hours when the bloody thing is out of sight? Either way… noon might be the middle of the day proper, but it just doesn’t make sense for it to be the middle of the 24-hour day. It makes more sense to put the divider between day and night. Or night and day — there is no reason that the day needs to be considered to come first — damned sun-centric planet. So it should go at sunrise or sunset. Not that that doesn’t become complicated, what with sunrise and sunset and the length of the day vs. the night changing all the goddamn time, but that fucks with noon and midnight as well. I appreciate the fuckupperly in the winter, as a matter of fact. The bright part of the day is the part in which I am expected to be useful and productive. In the winter, that length of time is minimal. Doin’ shit… I don’t like it. In other news, I don’t know what I’m rambling about, as usual. Best get back to CD liner note text layouts. Yarg. Yeah, I’m still putting that shit off, and my deadline is Thursday, October 2nd, 2008. And yet, the work is not overdue. See what I mean? The day is clearly not over.

In other other news, I have exactly 29 drafts sitting in WordPress. Maybe I should just set them all to autopublish? Most of them are me complaining about Comcast, seems like (didn’t get published because Comcast was fucking up, FYI). It would get me a lot of AdSense cents and through the month…. Is that cheating?