News flash!

I’m a failure! Bah. Doing arbitrary things for arbitrary reasons was never my strong point. I learned the word “arbitrary” at a very young age, by the way. It seemed to apply to a lot of the rules my parents made up. “Because I said so” is something I hope not to overuse on my own children, if I ever have any. But I can see why it would come into play (i.e. kids are freakin’ annoying). Still… I always felt like my parents should have had a little bit more justification for things.

In other news, the vegetable selection at our local grocery store is abysmal. Moldy red bell peppers were on sale 10 for $10. Um… Good deal, I guess. But pass! Therefore the spaghetti I’m currently eating has no peppers, and that is disappointing. Needs more crunchy. I bought regular spaghetti today, instead of whatever funnily-named pasta we usually get just because I recently found my spaghetti cannister in a cupboard, and felt the need to find something to put in it. Even though every time I try, I manage to get most of the spaghetti on the floor. This time was not an exception. I think that’s why I put the blasted thing away. Anyway, this spaghetti, it’s damned good. I’m too lazy (and broke) to make my own sauce, but what the hell did I add to this shit… Bought the cheap shit and stirred in some cumin, salt, pepper, onions, cayenne pepper, hot salsa, and probably some other junk. And now I’m going to go eat the stuff properly. In front of the TV, like civilized humans — not in front of the computer like a cavewoman, or uh, something. Yeah, we (kind of) have a dinner table, but the centerpiece at the moment is a sewing machine. Ew, I’m turning into a horrible little housewife.

Hm, I really do think that Twitter has cut back on my blogingness, just on account of I never get my complaints worked up to the point where they’re full paragraphs anymore. Good for my state of mind, bad for you. Well. See ya.