The plural of you…

is not “you all”, or even “youse”. It’s too bad that the same word is used to refer to one person or to thousands of people, but that’s the way it is. Learn some grammar. Deal with it. Two year olds are cute when they say “I runned” or “look at the mouses!” You all sound like idiots when youse say “if you all would’ve told me that youse wasn’t going to wait, I would’ve went home”.

Motherfucking fuck! I’ll admit that I probably mix up lay/lie or futher/farther once in a while if I’m not thinking, but… What the bloody hell!? I met many elementary school teachers last year while working as a school portrait photographer, and I have concluded that grammar is doomed.

Note to self: do not have children unless they will be living in Canada (or at least not in Indiana, or in any other part of America that I have ever visited), or unless I have enough money to send them to private school (provided that I can find a private school that will not shove religion and intolerance down their throats).

Also note: the word “height” is spelled “height” and is pronounced… “height”. HEIGHTH IS NOT A WORD.)

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