I am alive

Nothing in particular to say. Nobody will probably be looking here for a while, anyhoo. Just doing this for the sake of eventually working on a layout.

So all I’m going to say right now is…

The word “troop” refers to more than one goddamn soldier.

Look it up.

It’s a fucking plural. Idiots. Well. A singluar noun referring to a PLURAL GROUP OF GODDAMN SOLDIERS. Not just one. Many. Grrr. Grrrrrrr. Grr.

If you’re going to say that 13 troops died today, and you mean that 13 soldiers died, you should probably preemptively bump that number up to 14 in preparation for my vengeance. At least stick an extra two letters in there. If you were at least to say “troopers”, I would be placated. Kind of.

Why are people stupid?

Why do I read newspapers, other than to make myself angry?

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