For some time now your hopes and expectations have been denied… and because of this you are becoming withdrawn and introverted. Continual disappointment has manifested itself in you becoming both suspicious and restrained… you have become withdrawn from others and have receded more and more into yourself. You seem to have lost your innate enthusiasm and imaginative nature, for fear that you may be carried away by it only to find that you are wasting your time. You are loath to trust people as in the past your trust has been misplaced. You seem to be keeping yourself cautiously aloof from others. At this moment in time your attitude is to trust no-body… until they can prove themselves to you.

Recent disappointment has led you to become truly introverted. You are becoming suspicious of everybody and consequently you now feel that you are unable to trust anybody.. Unfortunately it would appear that you are curbing your natural enthusiasm and imaginative nature… perhaps this is because you are fearful that you may become over enthused and find that you could possibly be carried away by wishful thinking… You are keeping your distance to see whether attitudes towards you are sincere – but this watchfulness could easily develop into suspicion and distrust.

You really would like to be completely uninhibited… to let your hair down.. but you are held back by a sense of logic since you realise that by simple stupidity you could lose everything… whatever that may be…


Candice start essay now.
Or sleep.


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