Back from weekend.
Wasn’t as painful as expected,
but just as boring.

Now I’ve started the weekend off well.
By skipping both of today’s classes.
Not getting up until 6pm.

Why can’t I successfully get to bed before the sun comes up?
Other people have excuses.
Essays or something.
I’m just ridiculous.
Sleep too much.
Nice problem avoidance technique.
Stomachs hurting all over the place.

Should have picked up my print for design today.
But my laziness is a well known fact.
Heads will be rolling if they didn’t do it properly this time,
because we all know I paid enough for it.
Kinda makes me wish I’d worked harder on it.
Um. Kinda sort of. Not really.

Still am not getting along with this whole schooool thing.
Ruins any interest I might have otherwise had in any of the course material.
Just like it ruined so many good books in high school.
Just because I had such crappy teachers.

Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, 1984, Brave New World…
All ruined.

Though… At least one half of those books had such crappy endings.
Especially Brave New World.

That is a movie I have not seen.
But I think that I might watch 1984
Nineteen Eighty Four
wait. Just how WAS the movie titled?
And I’m talking about the 1984 version.
I think they were different.
The book was all spelled-like.
The book was also better.
The movie really kind of sucks.
Kind of.
But since it makes me think of the book that doesn’t suck
I like to watch it.

And sheesh.
I like to watch Logan’s Run…

Maybe I’ll just watch Fahrenheit 451.
Or maybe I’ll shut up.
Or sleep some more.

What was I talking about?

I also might start writing in proper sentences.
And without all this enter-pushing all the time.
Konrad, are you reading this?
I blame you, sir.

Oh yeah.
Ruinous high school teachers.
Except for OAC,
but even Mrs. Dunsmore could not make me tolerate Hamlet.
Jeez, that guy’s more depressing than me.
At least I occassionally stop whining.
And I usually at least make sure that I’m whining TO somebody.
Despite the fact that they don’t usually listen to me.
I wonder why that is.

It would probably be embarrassing to be caught mid-monologue.

Sean says
“I love that you can have more verbal intercourse with your fucking computer.”
Sweet of him, yes?
I believe that he wants me to get my ass off of here.
Perhaps I have someone that will listen to me rambling and whining afterall.
Wonder why he’d do that.
Probably reflects poorly on his intelligence, I rather suspect.
Probably not.
More likely reflects something about me.
Remind me that this reminds me about something I wanted to complain about several weeks ago in Production class.
Perhaps I’ll just briefly complain about it now.

Is video a window or a mirror?


Goddamn it.

Video is video.

It is what it is.

Do we have to compare everything to something else in order to understand it?

Humbug and bah.

Candice hates metaphors and similes alike.
Despite her occassional usage of each.
Mmm, clich

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