Personally, I think the line in that Depeche Mode “Dream On” song would be better if they changed “giving” to “given.” Not that you can tell the difference.

I had some problems with the phrase “dating the sphinx” tonight. I couldn’t figure out for a good five minutes that it meant figuring out how old it was. I need to get to sleep, I think.

Anyway. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to make myself a lovely website. That looks like the rest of the internet. With lots of little tables outlined with one-pixel-wide white borders on a dark (but never black) background. And grid patterns layered onto all of my graphics. And a navigation bar with little white-all-capital-helvetica links. Guh. And a monochromatic colour scheme. And then I’m going to bang my head against a brick wall. So maybe it’s pretty. I hate it, though. And I’m going to scream in a minute, if I see one more of these. I’d link to some, but I don’t think anyone needs help finding one.

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