Real life needs more foreshadowing.

Harry Potter has some of the worst foreshadowing of any book I have ever read. It’s so obvious. Couldn’t be much more so by putting the end of the book at the beginning. Sure, it’s a kids book. But that isn’t any excuse for such bad writing. I really can’t see what’s so great about the series (maybe I’ll ask my little brother). It’s written in a style that reminds me of my own. In grade three. Except that some of my jokes were funny. The ones in Harry Potter get about halfway, which is more pathetic than having none at all. But if that’s what becomes a bestseller, um, that’s it… I’m becoming a writer…

I need to get to a library, in order to find something better to read than my little brother’s copy of Harry Potter. The universe apparently wants me to read Vonnegut. I’ll do it, okay? All eight of you can shut up about it now… Guh.

I have a strange urge to watch “Biodome” right now. Is there something necessarily wrong with me?

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