Last post was about one of my pet peeves. So is this one:

Theist: one who believes that a god exists.
Atheist: one who does not believe that a god exists.
– not – one who believes that a god does not exist.

There is a difference. Do you see it???

See… think of it this way. What is the difference between the two words “theism” and “atheism?” It is the letter A. All the difference in meaning comes from that letter A. What does the A mean? It means “not” or “without.” It’s Greek, look it up. So “atheism” means “without theism.” So now… if theism means belief in god, atheism means without belief in god. Get it yet? Guh! Atheism is not an active belief. It is the absence of belief. ABSENCE! GRR!!!

Tomorrow maybe I’ll discuss the meaning of the word “agnosticism,” and how it isn’t a third category somewhere between atheism and theism.

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