well, any hippies at my school are screwed over. bandanas are gang-related and are not to be worn. yeah, those hippies, they’re a dangerous bunch… and other than them, i never see anyone wearing bandanas around in guelph. the rule has something to do with gangs in kitchener… but uh, hello, we don’t live in kitchener.

anyhoo, i don’t really care about this, except that it gave me an idea: if i was in a gang, i would intentionally fuck with this stuff. i would decide that everyone in my gang would wear glasses. could we get glasses banned? or how about… all gang members wear clothing with the school name on it? ban the school gym uniform! also, i think it would be entertaining to invent drug-related meanings for terms like “economics,” “endoplasmic reticulum” and “pythagorean theorem,” so that it would be against the rules to write them in your notebook… ah, but i only have 27 days of high school left. would that i had thought of this eariler…

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